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Holy Moly I know this dude!
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Statistics• Confirmed: True
• Joined: 08 May 2003
• Is Online: False


Ian Lloyd

(AKA: Pom Or Iggle )
Ian's Trips & Places
New Zealand Avondale College, New Zealand - (1) joined: 08/05/2003 22:03:10
Looking for: Michael Fishwick Anneke De Vries Warren Jackson
New Zealand Revival Centres, New Zealand - (1) joined: 06/01/2005 12:46:40
Looking for: Anyone

Meanwhile in the same Year: Three Albuquerque, NM, men, Ben Abruzzo, Larry Newman, and Maxie Anderson, make the first successful transatlantic balloon flight in the helium-filled Double Eagle II. ...more
Israel Kibbutz Gazit, Israel - (70) joined: 08/05/2003 21:58:23
Looking for: Kika (finland)

Meanwhile in the same Year: World Cup: Italy 3 - Germany 1 ...more
Israel Kibbutz Sede Boker, Israel - (50) joined: 08/05/2003 21:53:04
Looking for: Adrian Schripper (hollander) Dirk Von Falkenheim (german) Steve Le Doux (usa) Betina Schnugger Christina Schnugger Anita (german)
Israel Kibbutz Usha, Israel - (87) joined: 08/05/2003 21:59:27
Looking for: John (uk)

Meanwhile in the same Year: Thatcher's second term as PM ...more

A bit about Ian:
English, female living in London .

Full of wanderlust and ever seeking to escape. I have a fantastic family now but still want to explore and see more especially old friends again. Building a great business and finding new friends, but still would love to re-meet old friends and hear their stories.

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