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Holy Moly I know this dude!
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Statistics• Confirmed: True
• Joined: 22 August 2008
• Is Online: False


Lorraine Pearmain

(AKA: Loppy )
Lorraine's Trips & Places
United Kingdom Catford Business Admin Class 1994, United Kingdom - (1) joined: 22/08/2008 20:57:19
Looking for: Beate Sylvester German Lady
England, UK Eltham, England, UK - (3) joined: 22/08/2008 21:10:09
Looking for: Beate Geoff Sylvester You Lived Above The Co Op

Meanwhile in the same Year: The oldest known human ancestor (Ardipithecus ramidus) is found in Kenya. 4.4 million years old. Cool nearly as old as you ...more

A bit about Lorraine:
English, female living in ????lewisham .

Divorced and happily settled with partner known him 3o years Looking to relocate to portugal in near future love to find beate and geoffrey last contact when they relocated out of uk

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