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Holy Moly I know this dude!
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• Joined: 18 December 2006
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Trish Fisher

(AKA: Trisha )
Trish's Trips & Places
Swaziland International Aeradio Limited, Swaziland - (1) joined: 05/08/2009 00:25:40
Looking for: Alf,marie, Stephanie, Stuart & Scott Arnold Peter & Betty Boyle Don & Olga, Hugh And Angela Canning John & Yvonne, Sharon, Elaine, Andrew Castle Dave Charman Jimmy & June, Sarah And Jacqueline Clarke Ray (ramon) Jean, Mark & Sarah & Christine Eachus Tony and Sheena Burton, Jeff and Barbara Smith, Peter and Judy Gibson, and Dick Edwards who all worked for IAL/Emirtel in the UAE in the late 70’s.

Meanwhile in the same Year: ...more
Swaziland Swaziland, Swaziland - (12) joined: 18/12/2006 14:57:43
Looking for: Patti Rose, daughter of Lou and Pat Rose. Francisco Carlotta Ray & Jean Eachus Ben & Beth Eland Jimmy & Nancy (Heather) Graham and son, young Jimmy! Geoff and Pauline Davies & their children Jamie & Amanda who were at Usutu Pulp in Swaziland in the 1980's and moved to Mondi in Richard's Bay. Alison Foose - attended Sidney Williams school Angela Lynch, last heard of in Zimbabwe, married to Malcolm Lane. Paul & Grace Miles, Last known living in Wandsworth. Kenyan family, 2 daughters ca
Swaziland Swaziland, Swaziland - (1) joined: 14/07/2008 14:09:36
Looking for: Sharon & Elaine Castle Sarah & Jacqueline Clarke Christine Eachus Mark Eachus Ramon Eachus Alan Peter Farmer Christine Eachus Mark Eachus William Ross Nugent Gillian Reid Sarah Eachus

Meanwhile in the same Year: World Cup Brasil 4 Italy 1 ...more
Kuwait Kuwait, Kuwait - (30) joined: 18/12/2006 14:48:52
Looking for: Karen Hart, who we think hailed from Greys in Essex and had a younger brother called Chris Adrienne Taylor, brother called Russell, hailed from Liverpool/Merseyside/St helens area
Kuwait New English School, Kuwait - (4) joined: 18/12/2006 22:20:17
Looking for: Adrienne Taylor Rifat Mohab Karen Hart

Meanwhile in the same Year: Apollo XVII, the last manned moon landing to date, returns to Earth with 250 pounds of lunar samples ...more
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) - (40) joined: 18/12/2006 15:01:24
Looking for: Colin Florey Graeme Crawford Mary Steele Len Beeler Dave Collinge Tony and Sheena Burton, Jeff and Barbara Smith, Peter and Judy Gibson, and Dick Edwards who all worked for IAL/Emirtel in the UAE in the late 70’s. Martin, Diane, Tara And Sian Hudson - Came from Swindon. Lived in Saudi Arabia, worked for IAL in 1980 ish. Think they returned to Swindon from there. Martin and Diane would be of retirement age now. Nigel Small - Worked for Avis in the UAE in the 70's. Now back in UK.

Meanwhile in the same Year: Post-It Notes are introduced by 3-M ...more
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ems - Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE) - (3) joined: 19/12/2006 05:08:27
Looking for: Abdullah Qureshi Samir Bakri Graeme Crawford Patrick Manuel Dave Collinge Bill Everingham Brian Ingles - Sharjah wanderers rugby club Jim Kinsella - Sharjah wanderers rugby club Kevin Snook - Sharjah wanderers rugby club Jim And Helen Mundy - Sharjah wanderers rugby club

Meanwhile in the same Year: The birth of MTV, the 24 hour-a-day music television station ...more

Ems - Sharjah Middle East, United Arab Emirates (UAE) 1982
Wilkies Wine Bar, Sharjah, on a Roman Evening. Chalkie White (manager) centre, Trisha Holder on right in pink as Cleopatra, and Pauline Martyn on left. - 1982 ::
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Kuwait Kuwait, Kuwait 1974
Trisha Holder and mum on brown block roofs in Salmiyah. c 1974. - 1974 ::
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Kuwait Kuwait, Kuwait 1972
Shirley Longley and John Green, Sea club, Salmiyah. C 1975. Shirley is alive and well and happy. We heard that John died on a motorbike accident in Kuwait in his 20's. A lovely boy. - 1972 ::
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Sidney Williams Manzini, Swaziland 1967
Christine & Patricia Holder in Coates Valley, Manzini - 1967 ::
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A bit about Trish:
English, female living in North Yorks .

Living in UK, married with 5 children. Have website for expats - all expats are welcome. Have a few reunions planned!

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In 2010 I Trish is looking for more expats to join the expats alive website!
In 2010 I has found many old friends from her expat days! Our website, expats alive, has grown soooo much!

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feature coming soon

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