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Holiday & Travel, Expats & Backpackers & Kibbutz & Moshav Friends Reunited. Even Pen Pals & Red Coats are in.

Travel & Holiday Friends Reunited

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The following LostAmigos were in Contiki Tour around about 1987 +/- 2 years.

Judy Nicholson (Jude), Australian 1986
Seeking: Thea Miller Canada Kari Durand Canada
Kari Durand, Canadian 1986
Seeking: Linda Mason
Keith Babot, New Zealander / Kiwi 1986
Seeking: Jill Askew Joanne Smith Lynda Wilson Jenny New Zanette Goodman Kate Emms Joe Agostino Brian Sullivan Fiona Bond Ruth Fankhauser Robyn Cowan Liz Herden Thea Miller Peter Sullivan Kathy Liu Zanette Goodman
Bryan Price, Welsh 1987
Seeking: Jacko
Christine Gray, Australian 1987
Seeking: Miriam Cappozzo Everyone
Christine Gray, Australian 1987
Seeking: Miriam Cappozzo Everyone
Samantha Bell, Kiwi 1987
Seeking: Kelly Janice Michelle Heather
Scott Macphee, Canadian 1987
Seeking: Minno
Trudy Mitkus, Australian 1987
Seeking: Kim Hamilton,steven Johnson,david Evans, Roslyn Carter, Michael Mullin,
Angie Dunn (Ang), Canadian 1988
Seeking: Contiki Ee812 April - June 1988
Anthony Ferguson, Australian 1988
Seeking: Geoff Brisbane Kim Canada Peter Melbourne
Carly Smit (Jjubby), Australian 1988
Seeking: Peter
Tonia Christie(nee, Australian 1988
Seeking: Ellen Aus Andrea Aus Selwyn Nz

We found 13 .First   Prev   Next   Last   

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